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Narrow V-belt

This narrow V-belt has a 0.9 ratio of height to width. It has traits of great drive ability, small section sizes, long service life, and is applied to the places where bad working conditions and large load fluctuation exist, and it is the new replacement of Classical V-belt. Utilizing the narrow V-belt is the symbol of the important drives for modern equipments.

The quality of the narrow V-belt of Zhinong Brand agrees with the National Standard GB/T 12730.

1. Structures and Specifications of Types:

The primary structures are the same with the Classical V-belt, the main structure of our narrow V-belt is fabric wrapped structure. There are the two types of single belt and joined belts with two models of SP and V.

Single narrow belt Joined narrow Belt

2. Signs:

The signs are the same with the Classical V-belt.

3. Specifications and Sizes:

The length, extending height of Section, joined clearance and etc. of V-belt agree with the National Standard GB/T 11544. The following table indicates the basic sizes of Section for V-belt, the acceptable length range in the process, and the accuracy of Section’s sizes is checked through the measurement of extending height

Attachment: the measuring method of V-belt:

The unit for the measuring of V-belt is Am, and 1 Am of V-belt is equivalent to 1m length of Type A V-belt or the another V-belt with the same volume of 1m length of Type A V-belt.

Am=Length(m) × Conversion Coefficient ×Line number

Am=L(m) ×C.C×Ln

Example: The Am of 50 lines of C 1500 Classical V-belt: 1.5×2.84×50=213(Am)

Special requirements:

Besides these above V-belts, according to the actual requirements of customers, belts for washing machines, special V-belt (such as oil-resisting or heat-resisting type and etc.), and narrow drive belts of many sizes and shapes.

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