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Classical V-belt

Classical V-belt is a kind of circular convey belt with a trapeziform section and 0.7of height to width, and Wedge Angle of 40 degree, and is usually used for general mechanical drive-conveying device, and it is a common, simple, economical, easy-buying convey belt, The quality of Classical V-belt of Zhinong Brand aggress with the National Standard GB/T 1171.

1. Structures and Specifications:

The structures of V-belt are shown on the charts, and it is made up of wrapped fabrics, face compound, tensile member and bottom rubber. There are the two types of single belt and joined belt(Chart B), and the series of Z,A,B,C,D,E.

2. Signs:

1) Example of Signs for V-belt:

2) Signs for joined V-belts consist of Section type, the number of joined belts, the length of inside perimeter and Standard number.

Note: The length of V-belt must be indicated by its fiducial length according to the regulations, but at this stage it is still indicated by the length of inside perimeter according to the domestic traditions. In addition, it can be indicated by the length of inside perimeter INCH SIZE or its fiducial length.

3. Specifications and Sizes:

The length, extending height of Section, joined clearance and etc. of V-belt agree with the National Standard GB/T 11544. The following table indicates the basic sizes of Section for V-belt, the acceptable length range in the process, and the accuracy of Section’s sizes is checked through the measurement of extending height.

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