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Special Conveyor Belts

1. Categories and Uses for Special Conveyor Belts:
Heat-resisting Conveyor Belts--------------Heat-resisting range:60-150℃
High temperature Resisting Conveyor Belts--Heat-resisting range:100-200℃
Acid/Alkaline-resisting Conveyor Belts----The rubber cover has a performance of resisting strong acid/alkaline
Oil-resisting Conveyor Belts------------------Applied to vegetable oil, animal oil and mineral oil.
Tint Conveyor Belts-----------------------------Commonly applied to food industry or situations of demanding no pollution.
Flower Pattern Conveyor Belts---------------Increase the conveying angles and shorten the length of conveyors, and reduce the coverage area.

2. Categories and Uses for Circular Conveyor Belts:

In some special circumstances, those places where mechanical tie-in is unallowed, such as the sections involving in chemical, foods, arimiltry, military affairs and fabric, Circular Conveyor Belts are wanted.

A. Characters:
1. The belt body has no mechanical tie-in, leads to no danger when conveying materials.
2. The belt thickness is uniform and make stable running.
3. The inside perimeter is accordant and can’t cause the deviation when conveying materials.

B. The structures and categories of them is the same with General Conveyor Belts.

3. The measuring methods of Conveyor Belts:

According to the national regulations, its unit is m2. Its calculating method is described as the followings:
M2=belt width (m)*[Ply+(upper-rubber –cover thickness(mm)+bottom-rubber-cover thickness)/1.5]*Length(m)

Example: width 500mm, five ply, the upper and bottom rubber cover thickness 3mm and 1.5mm respectively, length 102, and then Calculated areas: 0.5*(5+(3+1.5)/1.5)*102=408 m2.

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