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Suction Hose with Fabric Insert

1. Structures:

Suction Hose with Fabric Insert is made up with inner rubber layer, metal wire of helix, middle rubber layer and external rubber cover.

1. Inner rubber layer 4. Middle rubber layer
2. Rubber layer 5. Rubber layer
3. Metal wire of helix 6. External rubber cover

Note: Armouring suction Hose is wrapped with metal wire of helix in its outside surface to improve the ability of pressurization.

2. Categories & Uses:
1. Water Suction Hose: applied to the pumping of water, litmusless liquids at normal temperature.
2. Oil Suction Hose: applied to the pumping of gasoline and mineral oils at normal temperature.
3. Low-concentration acid (alkaline) Suction Hose: applied to pumping of acid (alkaline) solution at the concentration below 40% at normal temperature.
4. Heat-resisting Water Suction Hose: applied to the pumping of hot water at the temperature below 150℃.
5. Solvent Suction Hose: applied to the pumping of synthetical oil, alcohol, fragrant families and other corrosive solvent oil.
6. Air Hose: applied to the connective hose for blowers.
7. Sand and Mud Suction Hose: applied to the connective rubber hose for dredgers, sand suction boats and sand blasting machines.

3. Specifications and Working Pressure:

1. Product Quality Standard: Conform to the National Standard or Professional Standard.
2. If special requirements beyond the normal performance are needed or having any dissent, please confer with us.
3. The products are divided into two groups: 1 type: Vacuum pressure is 63KPa and discharge pressure is 0.3MPa(light type); 2 type: Vacuum pressure is 80KPa and discharge pressure is 0.5MPa(heavy type)

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