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Rubber Boom

It is the key product of nation-class , and the one National "85" Tacking Key Problem of China belonging to Department of Transportation. Rubber Boom of Zhinong Brand is manufactured strictly by special rubber framework materials. It has the advantages of high strength and wear resistance, anti-aging, anti-avulsion, oil resistance and etc; It is used as the important measures to prevent oil pollution and control the excessive oil for lakes, rivers, seas. The effects of resisting oil are extremely obvious, and it has big storage of buoyancy and long service life, and is a novel environmental product.

1. Physical-chemical properties:

2. Technical parameters

1. If having special requirements from customers for any product, consult us. We can make products in terms of the requirements of customers, and any of your suggestions will be welcomed.
2. Product Quality Standard: Conform to the National Standard or Professional Standard.

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